“I just wanted to say Michael today’s lunch was a hit. Here in the cath lab we get a ton of lunches. But this one today omg was the best one we’ve ever had. Salmon, Flank Steak, Chicken and the carrot mash potatoes, rice omg they were to die for. Everyone kept asking where is this place. Michael I’m not sure of your location, but if you don’t mind we don’t mind. Timing was on time!!!! Food was Excellent!!!! I give MJB a 10!!! Thank you again everything was great!!!” Sharetha - Overlook Medical Center, April 2022

“The lunch was superb! I have done this a long time and this was the best. The food was excellent.” Mark – Syneos Health, April 2022

“Phenomenal lunch today! Just like yesterday. Great variety, flavor and portions.” Chris – Idorsia, April 2022

“Today’s lunch was excellent! The salmon and zucchini mash Sooooo good!” Amy – Merck, April 2022

“The office cannot stop complementing the food today.” Marquies – GSK, April 2022

“Lunch was great. That cauliflower mash!!!!, the best I have ever had.” Doreen – Bristol Myers, April 2022

“Breakfast was insanely delicious. It was such a huge hit.” Delmy – Merck, April 2022

“They absolutely love the lunch today, beyond delish.” Stephanie – Sanofi, April 2022

“Everyone loved the lunch.” Marissa – Allergan, April 2022

“Today’s lunch was awesome, thank you so much.” Dennis – Smith & Nephew, April 2022​

“The office loves your food. They requested more Beef Stew.” Tania – Neurocrine, April 2022​

“The office is raving about the lunch!" Allie – AstraZeneca, March 2022​

“Just wanted to let you know that they loved lunch you sent today, once again great work!” Jason – Takeda, March 2022​

“Thank you so much for another amazing lunch. You make my life easier.” Kim – Oyster Point, February 2022​

"Today’s lunch was awesome. They loved it all – the Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread…” Kelly – Kala, February 2022​

"Another perfect execution. You always make me look good. I get more sales based on your food and presentation." Chris – PSIGenex, February 2022​

"They loved the lunch today! Everybody was raving about the food." Maureen – Mallinckrodt, February 2022

"Today's lunch was amazing!! Thank you so much. Will definitely be using you again." Alise – Alcon, January 2022

"Today's lunch was super delicious!!!!" Angela – Sanofi, January 2022

“Another amazing job! Everyone is raving about the food through and through.” Allie - AstraZeneca, January 2022

“Good morning Michael. I just wanted to say thank you for being so accommodating for my meal appointments. Today is my last day in the field. I got promoted to an in-house role. I told my manager and the two reps that will cover my territory in the interim to contact you for any catering needs. Again, thank you for being reliable and always providing great food and service.” Tarshara – Bayer, January 2022

“We were more than pleased with the food. Previously I ordered from XXX and their food does not hold a candle next to yours! Be assured that you will be hearing from us in the future.” Connie H, Christmas 2021


“Awesome dinner tonight!!! My family loved everything!!! Thanks for making all of us so happy!!! Ken -  Clarus, Christmas 2021


“I have nothing but rave reviews on the lunch spread.” Frank – Northwoods Dentistry, December 2021

“The food was delicious and plenty. Everyone was very happy, thank you so much for making our day wonderful!!” Ro - St. Joe’s, Thanksgiving 2021

“You did an awesome job with lunch today. My office was so happy. The food was so good!!! Tarshara – Bayer, November 2021


“The office loved your lunch today!!” Chris – Insmed, November 2021

“The food is amazing. Thank you for all you do!!!!!” Delmy – Merck, November 2021

“You are so wonderful. Man, do people ever love your food!!! Your lunches are such a big hit!!” Julie -  Sun Pharma, November 2021


“The office is raving about your lunch and the amazing cake!!!!!” Meredith -  Kala, November 2021

“Awesome lunch!” Randi – Novo Nordisk, November 2021

“Lunch was fantastic. Rave reviews just like last time. Thanks for taking care of me.” Jermaine – Cequr, November 2021

“THANK YOU for taking such good care of me and my customers this past week!! Anne – Pfizer, October 2021


“You are the absolute BEST. Everyone has been raving about your food.” Anne – Pfizer, October 2021


“Breakfast was a huge hit!!! They went crazy!!! And I was like yeah I know he’s the best food around!” Melissa – Lilly, October 2021

“Everything was wonderful!! I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have you!” Adult & Children Halloween Party for Elle, October 2021

“Everyone loved the Mexican food today.” Stephen – Amarin, October 2021

“You’re the best. Food was a hit per usual.” Jocelyn – Veracyte, October 2021

“The was amazing!!! The chicken and potatoes were to die for!!” Courtney – Boehringer-Ingelheim, October 2021

“Breakfast was amazing.” Eric – Bristol Myers, October 2021

“Dinner was great!! You are hitting it out of the park!!” Nick – Boehringer-Ingelheim, October 2021


“Everyone loved breakfast yesterday. They were going crazy for those wraps with peanut butter and strawberry. Well done!!” Nick – Boehringer-Ingelheim, October 2021


“Thank you for great food.” Rimma – Abbvie, October 2021

“Breakfast and lunch awesome!!! Stuffed Peppers so yummy like mom made!! My offices are so happy.” Catherine – AstraZeneca, September 2021

“Your food was amazing.” Jessica – Coopervision, September 2021

“Wonderful breakfast this morning, wow!! Nicole – Boehringer-Ingelheim, September 2021

“You outdid yourself with yesterday’s lunch!!! Beautiful presentation and the office loved it!!!” Liz – Boehringer-Ingelheim, September 2021


“Lunch was excellent! The doctor, who rarely eats, came out to make a plate and talked a little more with me. You’re the best!” Ron – Boehringer-Ingelheim, August 2021

“Lunch yesterday was so fresh and delicious.” Heather – Viiv Healthcare, August 2021


“Everyone loved lunch!! So delicious! You’re the best!” Suzanne – RVL Pharma, August 2021


“Your lunches are delicious. My customers talk to me longer because they enjoy your food.” Patti – Sanofi, August 2021

“Thanks for today. It was fantastic and everyone loved it.” Eric – Pfizer, July 2021

“I just wanted to let you know that the doctor raved about the lunch yesterday!” Jill – AstraZeneca, July 2021


“The food was awesome! Everyone loved it!” Melissa – Mallinckrodt, July 2021


“My offices love the menu you’ve been sending.” Patti – Sanofi, July 2021


“Lunch was amazing. So many choices.” Sherry – Amarin, June 2021


“Your food a big hit as always! Thank You! You are the BEST!” Linette – Novo Nordisk, May 2021

“I just received feedback from the doctor and staff that the food was outstanding!! They couldn’t say enough good things about it!!” Lisa – AstraZeneca, May 2021

“Just wanted to let you know that as soon as I walked into the lunch, the doctor said the food was absolutely delicious!” Lisa – AstraZeneca, May 2021

“I just want to thank you for accommodating my lunch today – I realize it was such short notice. You clearly have an unbelievable work ethic and unparalleled level of customer service and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. THANK YOU!!!!”  Marla – Alexion, April 2021


“My sister and I are very appreciative of your hard work, and excellent presentation today, Mike. Thank you for making our dad’s day a smashing success!” John (Dad’s Repass), April 2021